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It takes a good night’s sleep for a dream but several sleepless nights of hard work and dedication for it to actualize. Mirror And Smoke is a living example of the above mentioned truism.

A dedicated group of professionals, armed with an aspiration and over two decades of first-hand experience teamed up to be identified as a part of a revolution called Mirror And Smoke. With state of the art equipment, Mirror And Smoke is a rapidly developing video production house which caters to all the requirements of the industry. Be it the creation of visual effects or a commercial ad, we are your complete advertising film production company.

We don’t need a mirror to reflect our expertise. We let our work do that.

Born in 2004, Mirror And Smoke is a production house which caters to all the demands of the industry in the field of video production.

With state of the art equipment, Mirror And Smoke is a video production house that doesn’t just deliver a feature film or create a visual effect; we deliver solutions – Sustainable solutions.

In an industry where quality matters more than quantity, Mirror And Smoke is a capable of taking lead vendor roles on FX heavy feature film projects but at the same time works with a trimmed organizational setup for greater efficiency when it comes to delivering the end product.

With an in house team of producers, programmers, researchers, animators, director and cameraman, Mirror And Smoke is the wholesome solution to any of your video production needs.

About the founder

The brainchild of Mirror And Smoke, Haresh Mevada is the spine of this initiative. Recognized as the managing director of the production house, Haresh is a well-known name in the industry. With sound experience in the industry of filmmaking, Haresh has earned himself accolades for making films with meaningful connections through a professional approach.

Mirror And Smoke thrives upon this man’s experience as he gives it an identity of a production house capable of producing creative, polished and intricate production outputs which work as a high value solution to the needs of the client.

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