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Aerial Farm

here is aerial footage of our upcoming corporate film.

How Video is Affecting Companies

Nowadays video has become an essential part in reaching your potential customers, as the internet is taking up an increasing part of our daily lives. By 2015 the number of people watching and sharing videos is expected to climb up to 1.5 billion, what is about twice as high as it is today. This is … Continued

Case Study – Old Spice YouTube Campaign

Continuing from our previous posts which highlighted the importance of social video platforms and how they influence the perception of the brand, Mirror and Smokes explains a recent case to justify the same. Old Spice is a brand that has been in the public consciousness for a long time now. It has however lost its … Continued

The Social Video Blueprint – A Social Video Checklist & Conclusions

Forget Advertising You’re not advertising anymore when you step into the social video world. You’re interacting. You’re entertaining. And if you really execute… you’re building relationships. Think about the kind of content people would willingly sit through for fun, and then build that kind of content. Embrace Social Media With social video, you’re looking for … Continued

Social Video Branding Done Right – Samsung & Freddiew’s Gamer Commute

Freddie Wong has earned a mention in more than a few articles here at ReelSEO. His charisma and charm, paired with sharp wit and insane special effects skills, make his channel a weekly “must-watch,” whether you just want to be entertained or are looking to learn from the master. And Freddie’s gotten so consistently good, … Continued

Social Media Marketing via Video

Social Media Marketing via Video When we talk about social media we immediately think of Facebook, Twitter and even Myspace, but often overlook the video option of YouTube. To help you understand the value of YouTube consider the following statistics: In March 2008 there were 78.3 million videos uploaded and growing at approximately 20 percent … Continued

Why YouTube Must Be In Your Social Media Marketing Plans

While the words “social network” is nowadays usually synonymous with “Facebook” and “Twitter,” YouTube, though not as synonymous, has actually emerged as one of the most popular social media sites around as well. Furthermore, it is gaining more and more features that users can quickly identify as belonging to the kingdom of social features. The … Continued

Brand Building through YouTube

Mirror and Smoke did an extensive research and studied how one can build a brand by producing a corporate film or a product film and then broadcasting it YouTube. This post talks about how one can use the wide dimensions of YouTube and cement your corporate image. Nearly 81% of all internet users watch videos … Continued

What makes us Glocal?

The world today is a small place. In today’s digital era, it is important that we understand the fact that when we deliver a product that comes with a global appeal, it is essential to have a local market – Not one, but several local markets and all over the world. At Mirror and Smoke, … Continued

‘Glocalization’ rules the world

Localized, “hypertargeted” marketing is a key buzzword through the rise of social media. But new research reveals localized marketing involves a lot more than selling a hypothetical McFalafel to people living in the Middle East. Fresh Intelligence, a Toronto-based market research company, has determined that a brand’s ability to adapt and reflect consumers’ core values … Continued

Globalization and Glocalization in Media

The globalization of media consumption and the need for glocalization reflects the cultural similarities and differences people across the world share. Global media is often portrayed in a local context – glocalization – which gives people a better sense of identity as well as a familiar lens through which to view a global media. Glocalization … Continued

Executing a Glocal Strategy – Lessons from The World’s Local Bank

If you are an international traveler, you’ve probably noticed HSBC’s advertising in jet bridges, baggage claim areas, and pretty much everywhere else in over 45 airports around the world. What makes this global campaign truly distinctive is the brilliant implementation of a “glocalized” strategy–keeping a consistent execution across multiple countries, while maintaining a local flavor … Continued

Product Film

To speak with the thought leaders in advertising and marketing regarding the future of the industry is always an eye-opening experience. The conversations begin with how you can use the different media available effectively and almost inevitably shifts to the bigger question: What is the true purpose of advertising or marketing? In a sector specific … Continued

What makes a good corporate film for exhibitions?

Corporate films as movie viewing products and infrastructure products to show several films and infrastructure of a society, respectively. These are powerful tools with enormous potential for business promotion for a company in events such as fairs and exhibitions anywhere in the world. But often, the speaker makes these movies online or as a show … Continued